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Amaia Skies Cubao

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Project Location: Cubao, Quezon City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 18.6 sqm to 35.30 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.9 M to Php 3.9 M


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Amaia Skies Cubao By Amaia Land

There are no high-rise buildings within the perimeter of the Amaia Skies Cubao in Quezon City. The place is totally cleared of congestion and most of the buildings are low-rise enabling a cool and constant air flow to the towers' 35-storey high structures. The Amaia Skies Cubao condominium project is consists of 3 towers and located right at the heart of Cubao where the economy is booming at a faster pace. Tower 1 is composed of 1,126 units while Tower 2 has 1,042 units, both with size ranging from 18-34sqm.

The project is developed and built by Amaia Land Corp., a subsidiary of the Ayala Land Inc. and is located along EDSA corner P. Tuazon St. Cubao, Quezon City. This behemoth construction project is being managed by the ever reliable Ayala Property Management Corp. that is why you are assured of product quality and credibility. The towers have 35 stories each, where 30 floors are dedicated to residential occupations; the rest is for facilities to the benefits of the occupants.

Each condo unit has fully-automatic sprinkler system, toilet and bath, common hallways, vinyl tiles, kitchen, in-unit laundry area (provided with washer and dryer), telephone and cable ready systems and other basic fixtures and facilities to boost your career while you live independently or with your partner.

The units are classified into two categories such as the One-Bedroom Unit Deliverables (which is ideal for the newlyweds) and the Studio Unit Deliverables, best for single occupancy. Each unit has a balcony for a perfect view of the world outside. You will surely enjoy the swimming pool at the grounds and other facilities such as jogging path, convenience stores and supermarket at the lobby, coffee shops, multi-function halls, wide parking area and other amenities.

The Amaia Skies Cubao's location is practically close to various establishments (Araneta Center and SM Hypermart), schools (Samson College), hospital (PNP General Hospital), Church (Lord of the Harvest Community Church and other place of worship), recreation centers and other place of interest perfect for your routine.

The buildings are also opposite the MRT Cubao Station. The major arteries (EDSA, 5th Avenue and P. Tuazon St.) traversing the property are major roads where all modes of transport are always available 24/7. Banks and other financial institutions also abound at the area. These condos are really great investments aside from being a terrific way to live; you are certainly on the right decision purchasing a piece of the splendid Amaia Skies Cubao.

Amaia Skies Cubao – A Condominium Development at the Heart of the City

Living around high-rise buildings can be a bit inconveniencing especially due to the congestion, inherent pollution, and the battle for resources. Amaia Land, the developer behind Amaia Skies Cubao in the City of Quezon understood this pretty well when constructing the condominium project. Looking at the expanse of land and surrounding environment, one thing stands out, the area is totally cleared of congestion and a larger percentage of the buildings around the project are low-rise. The advantage this brings is that residents of Amaia Skies Cubao can relax and enjoy a cool and constant flow of air to the towers that define the project.

Located in Cubao, the project consists of three towers, Tower 1, Tower 2, and Tower 3. The towers are 35-story high and strategically located at the heart of Cubao where business and commerce is booming and opportunities abound. Tower 1 comprises 1,126 units whereas Tower 2 consists of 1,042 units. The design of the units, differ in terms of size, with the least being 18 square meters and the biggest 34 square meters.

The developer, Amaia Land Corp. is owned wholly by Ayala Land Inc. as a subsidiary. The key focus of Amaia Land Corp. is to develop housing solutions that address the needs of the middle income most of whom are looking for affordable housing. The spirit and quality of development seen in the Amaia Skies Cubao project is second to none. The target market for most of Amaia Land Corp.’s projects including the Amaia Skies Cubao has been government employees, manufacturing employees, teachers, small business owners, families of Philippine residents living abroad and those starting out in life.

As mentioned above, the towers comprise 35 stories. Out of the 35, 30 floors are dedicated purely to residential occupations while the rest, 5 is for facilities aimed at benefiting the occupants. Each of condo unit has installed a fully automated sprinkler system, common hallways, toilet and bath, vinyl tiles, in-unit laundry area, kitchen, telephone and other cable-ready systems as well as facilities and fixtures to boost your career as you live independently or bring up your family.

The units are broadly categorized into two:

One-Bedroom Unit Deliverables
These are targeted at newlyweds. There is one-bedroom unit without balcony and the other with a balcony. In terms of size, the one-bedroom unit with a balcony measures between 31 and 33 square meters. The other unit without a balcony measures 27.29 square meters.

Studio Units
There are two types of studio units. The first one is the deliverable which is ideal for occupants who are single. It measures 18.6 square meters. The other studio which is a combined unit covers an area of 38 square meters. It has a master bedroom, another bedroom, living room, dining, kitchen, toilet and bath. This is an ideal space for young families who have kids.  

Within the community, there are lots of amenities such as swimming pool, jogging paths, supermarkets and convenience stores, multifunctional halls, coffee shops, and spacious parking areas. If you are a student looking for a location that is close to education facilities, Amaia Skies Cubao is an ideal choice for you. Having a location that brings together the church, schools, hospitals, and shopping areas is more than a blessing for a young family.

The location of Amaia Skies Cubao along EDSA Corner and P. Tuazon Street gives the property a big advantage in terms of accessibility. There are major roads which transverse the area around the property and the beauty is all modes of transport are available round the clock. This means even if you don’t have a private means of transport, you can still move around with a lot of ease. Very few affordable properties have the advantage of being in an area that has such a comprehensive transport network.

Apart from the ease of movement, there are other amenities around such as financial institutions including banks that have pitched tent due to the vibrancy of commerce in Cubao. You don’t have to live in the condos, you could come in as an investor. The condos are great investments because housing investments in Quezon City always appreciate as the city grows and people flock into the area.

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Amaia Skies Cubao - Location & Vicinity

Amaia Skies Cubao is conveniently located right along EDSA corner P. Tuazon and is highly accessible via the MRT and other public transportation. It is also within reach of commercial and business centers, schools, hospitals, and various places of worship.

The first thing a person looking to buy a property is interested in is the transport network in and out of the property. Speaking of transport, very few of Amaia Land’s developments can compare to Amaia Skies Cubao. On one side, the development is bordered by the famous Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA). This is a limited access highway that goes around Manilla. It connects through 6 of Manilla’s regions and a total of 17 local government units starting from the north all the way to the south.

At the corner of EDSA, 5th Avenue and P. Tuazon Street, sits Amaia Skies Cubao. The property is also accessible via the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) commonly known as Cubao MRT Station. With such a network of public transit systems, the development could not have been in a better place.

The road network aside, the commercial institutions and business centers around the condominium development gives you the feeling that you are living on the Fastlane. There are hospitals, schools, churches, and other facilities around. Below is a quick mention of the top surrounding facilities.


Among the restaurants here include:

  • Prinz Aira – This is located just 0.9 kilometers from the property.
  • Kaffee de Krema – This is another restaurant located 0.74 kilometers from the condominium development.
  • Old Spaghetti House – This joint offers reasonable pasta dishes and their service is excellent. If you love pesto with grilled chicken, this is the restaurant to go to. It is located 0.58 kilometers from the residential development.
  • Oyster Boy – Located 0.5 kilometers from the property, Oyster Boy is famous for its seafood.


There are various shopping malls within a radius of 0.5 kilometers from the property. Some of the malls include:

  • SM Hypermarket – This is just 0.12 kilometers from the property.
  • Farmers Market Bargain Center – The distance from the property to this mall is 0.38 kilometers.
  • SM Supermarket – This chain of supermarkets is owned by SM Investments and has a wide range of merchandise making shopping convenient, affordable, and enjoyable.
  • The Spark Place – This is located on P. Tuazon Street. You will find lots of businesses here including fast food joints. It is located just 0.44 kilometers from Amaia Skies Cubao.


If you have children of schooling age or if you yourself wants to continue with schooling, coming to Cubao will not in any way hinder your ambition. There are lots of schools here such as:

  • Guard Skills Development Training Academy – This is just 0.18 kilometers from the property and it is an institution offering technical and vocational educational and training programs.
  • Samson College of Science and Technology – This is a nationally accredited school that has been around for about 83 years. It provides training to equip students for a career in technology and vocational fields. It is 0.31 kilometers from Amaia Skies Cubao.
  • Roosevelt College Cubao – This is a private non-sectarian education institution focusing on the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and economic aspects of educational transformation.  It is just 0.42 kilometers away.
  • Starland International School – This school offers quality education that meets international standards. If you are an expatriate in Philippines or you want your children to get the best of international curriculum, Starland International School located just 0.47 kilometers is a great school for you.


The convenience of staying near health facilities cannot be underestimated. Amaia Skies Cubao is located near health facilities including hospitals such as AMGB drug testing center which is 0.47 kilometers away, Madrid Polyclinic Diagnostic Center which is 960 meters away, PNP General Hospital located 0.65 kilometers away among others. 

Therefore, living in this community gives you so much over and above what you need for a decent and productive life.

Restaurant :

  • Prinz Aira - 0.19 km
  • Kaffee de Krema - 0.47 km
  • Old Spaghetti House - 0.58 km
  • Oyster Boy - 0.59 km
  • Hap Chans - 0.64 km

Malls :

  • SM Hypermarket - 0.12 km
  • Farmers Market Bargain Center - 0.38 km
  • SM Supermart - 0.43 km
  • The Spark Place - 0.44 km
  • H.M.R. Philippines - 0.44 km

Schools :

  • Guard Skills Development Training Academy - 0.18 km
  • Samson College of Science and Technology - 0.31 km
  • Roosevelt College Cubao - 0.42 km
  • Starland International School - 0.47 km
  • Ponciano Bernardo High School - 0.50 km

Hospitals :

  • AMGB drug testing center - 0.47 km
  • PNP General Hospital - 0.65 km
  • Camp Aguinaldo Station Hospital - 0.80 km
  • Madrid Polyclinic Diagnostic Center - 0.96 km
  • Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Station Hospital - 1.14 km
Amaia Skies Cubao Location

Amaia Skies Cubao - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

Amaia Skies Cubao Tower

Amaia Skies Cubao Tower

Amaia Skies Cubao Tower

Amaia Skies Cubao Tower

Amaia Skies Cubao Tower

Amaia Skies Cubao Tower

Amaia Skies Cubao - Features & Amenities

Amaia Skies Cubao First Rate Amenities at the Deck

Inspired by the graceful and sinuous rhythm of the water, The Deck is conceived and designed to offer maximum experiential values for you and your friends. Revel in the irresistible waters of the pool, enveloped by a garden of evolutionary creativity or party at the multi-function hall of urban thought.

Amaia Skies Cubao Indulge at the Stores

Head down to the ground floor retail area aptly called, STORES, an area that is skilfully designed to invoke the sensibilities of today's cosmopolitan consumer.

Development Features

  • Convenience Retail Units (Including a supermarket) at the Ground Floor
  • Compliant Provision for Water Supply, Drainage, and Electric Power Supply

  • Main Lobby with individual mailboxes
  • Three (3) Elevator Units per Tower
  • Fire Protection / Fire Alarm
  • Partial Emergency Power for common areas and units
  • Garbage collection area per floor
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
  • Swimming Pool and Deck
  • Children's Play Area
  • Landscape Areas
  • Jogging Path

Amaia Skies Cubao - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 1,903,000 18.6 sqm
Studio Unit ₱ 2,336,000 21.3 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 2,959,000 22.75 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 3,980,000 35.30 sqm

Amaia Skies Cubao - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Payment Term
5% DP in 6 mos. / 5% DP Bank financing
10% Downpayment
Reservation Fee
Php 20,000
Interest Rate
Depending on prevailing market rates
90% through bank financing

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